It is not a long story or any inspirational story, it is simply a tale about wanting to spread the word about something we burn very passionatily about. 

Weather or not we have made any difference at all during the 7 years we have been around can be questioned, but hopefully we have at least raised some awerness on the thoughtpathern of Friluftsliv.

Noreg Rundt means (Around Norway). Our name was chosen to symbolize what we come from and who we represent. But at the beginning it was also about showing our love to the widly varity to the long deep fjords of the west, and the dens and proud forrests of the east, as well as the ruff and beautiful archipelago of the south to the wide untouched platous of the north. 

We love the nature of our country and therefor we want to protect is with knowledge - for if we know how to behave and take care of nature, we will also be able to preserve it for the future generations. 

To this day, Noreg Rundt is a sole proprietorship and will most likely continoue that way for many years to come. But hopefully there will continoue stumble in some wonderful people who will contribute with fantastic humour, brilliant ideas and good company.